Sell your Limiteds and R$ for PayPal, Crypto, or Bank Transfer.

Learn how to apply to be a seller on BloxPlanet.

    • • Have either over R$ 10,000 or 10,000+ RAP in Limiteds
    • • Have one of the following (to receive payments): Business PayPal Account, Stripe Account, or Crypto Wallet.

    How to Apply?

    If you meet all of the requirements, then head over to our Discord Server and create a ticket under the #apply-to-sell channel.

    Selling on BloxPlanet allows you to reach thousands of buyers effortlessly. We facilitate the transactions so they are smooth and secure. You no longer need to spend hours advertising your sales or risk being scammed.

    Panel Access

    If you are accepted as a seller on BloxPlanet, you will get access to your own "Supplier Dashboard" where you can list Limiteds and R$ for sale.

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